Oct 24

Dr. Sketchys San Francisco – October life drawings session with Bombshell Betty

Last night I attended my first Dr. Sketchy’s San Francisco session. If you like to draw from interesting models then this is the place for you. Dr. Sketchy’s was started in New York city to provide drawing models that were different then what you would find in art school.

From the official site:

Dr. Sketchy’s is the little Brooklyn event that became a movement. Founded in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple, Dr. Sketchy’s asked a simple question. Why can’t drawing naked people be sexy?

Here’s our attempt at an answer.

We combed New York to find the most beautiful burlesque dancers, the most bizarre circus freaks, and the most rippling hunks of man. Then, every other Saturday, we let you draw them for three hours. Interspersed with posing are comedy skits and ridiculous drawing contests (best left handed drawing? Best incorporation of a woodland animal?) where you can win booze or prizes.

The evening was a blast with the lovely Bombshell Betty who was sexy and spunky all at the same time. There was even a contest to draw Betty with a cartoon or comic character. I drew the recently deceased Martian Manhunter, but no one knew who he was in the original un-colored drawing. The evening ended with Betty giving us her humorous burlesque dance routine as she twirled her pasties and patted her head and rubber her stomach at the same time.

I am definitely going back next month if it fits my schedule.

Here is what I created:

1 min poses

2 min poses

5 min poses

10 min poses

another 5 min pose

A 5 min pose by our hostess Tink (aka Jessica Whiteside)

There are lots of Dr. Sketchy’s all over the world, including 35 US cities. Check out the official site’s link page to find one near you.

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    • Melaina on October 24, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    Wow! Your stuff turned out GREAT! I especially like the watercolor red dress.

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