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Mar 31

Sketch Crawl 3-29-08 – part 2


Continuing from my first part of my participation in the San Francisco Sketch Crawl on 3-29-08.

Starting to get hungry, I journied over to Lori’s Diner with artists Toni Nobel and Liz Cunningham. We wanted to have some clam chowder, and at Lori’s we could sit outside and keep drawing. All the while the crowds kept coming and there was a lot of energy. We could also see a lot of the park nearby as well as lots of people.

Sketch Crawl 3-08

Here is Liz’s drawing of me. I’m flattered.

Sketch Crawl 3-08

Here are some drawings and sketches I did…





Next we headed down to the water to draw the boats…


…but that did not last too long as it was windy and cold. So I headed with Toni and Liz to the The San Francisco Maritime National Park where we sketched a boat on display.


List drawing in front of an old boat.

After that we walked up to find a cafe in North Beach, stopping at the Artist and Craftsman Supply store (some great prices and selection). The store has some great deals and a helpful artist staff and then a half hour had passed.

After some refreshment at Melt, we headed back to the meeting place and shared our drawings from that day. I met a lot of really awesome artist who I hope to meet again in the future. I left the event feeling refreshed and alive. Can’t wait for the next one.

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