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Nov 11

Team Sonic X – page 1 and 2

Well, here it is…my 24 Hour Comic Book Day comic! I am really pleased at how the comic came out. To read more about my 24HCBD experience, check out it’s official blog catagory. Pages will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays and comments are always appreciated. So. Ready. Set. GO! page numbering on the images …

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Oct 23

24HCBD comics by Doc Pop and Star

Two more comics from folks at Comic Outpost last weekend. Doctor Popular’s Robots Don’t Know about Twitter and page 1(called page 2)  of Star St.Germain and Miss Mary Bee’s comic HERE. Other pages are posted on her blog at the same url. And from Minneapolis, Zander Cannon’s awesome 24HCBD comic Golden Wing vs. Freezer!

Oct 21

24HCBD comic by Frank Cezar

Here is the comic, the Space Ship, of fellow 24 Hour Comic Book Day participant Frank Cezar. Read it HERE. Frank.

Oct 21

24HCBD – music video by Michael Capozzola

Here is a short video from the 24 Hour Comic Book Day event that comedian and cartoonist Michael Capozzola took with his digital video camera.

Oct 20

the Road to 24 Hour Comic Book Day – sneak peek

Here are some of the edited pages as thumbnails. Would you folks out in internet land prefer to read the comic on-line as a page-a-day or all at once? Would you prefer to read on-line or downloading a PDF? Please comment below and let me know. Click to view the image bigger on Flickr…. YOU …

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Jan 15

Team Sonic X – page 21

next page on January 20, 2008