Sep 09

#motioncomicmagic – Celebrating comics in Brussels with comics projected on a building

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

I just saw this video at of the presentation for the Comic-Strip Festival in Brussels. It’s a celebration of the history of bande-dessinee comics, presented in video projection mapping on the Royal Palace. The show is impressive and a lot of fun. It seems that much of the artwork for this years show is taking actual comic work and bringing it to life through the computer, mixed with CGI and other effects.

I wonder if they could do something like this at the San Diego Comic-Con with a history of american comics, but I fear that getting multiple corporate entities to work together would kill that type of project.

from the site…

As every year in Brussels, an entire weekend is dedicated to comics with Comic Strip Festival, held from 6 to 8 September 2013, with the highlight being the sound and light show in 3D Place Royale, which was transformed for the occasion into a giant 3D cartoon with lasers, fireworks and sound effects.

And here is the making of the 2012 edition of the show…

Belgian Comics Mapping from DirtyMonitor on Vimeo.

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