Feb 21

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • Last night I saw the Spanish version of Dracula that was shot at the same time as the classic black and white English version. #
  • Lots to do this week. the CAM-JAM 2010 #1 is this coming Sunday! I hope there is a good turnout. #
  • My old domain registar keeps sending messages that one domain will exspire soon, even though I renewed with someone else. Annoying. #
  • I just found out that there should be some nice surprises for artist who participate in the CAM-JAM at the CAM on Sunday. #
  • Tax's for artist would be very interesting to me. #
  • Found some cool SD Marvel Superheroes in one of thoses vending machines where the head is the prize ball with a body to snap on inside. $1. #
  • I am going to the MATCHA event tonight at the Asian Art Museum. I can get one person in for free, anyone interested, call me? #
  • MATCHA was really fun. Won free admission. Free snacks cause I'm a teacher. Great new Shanghai exhibit. Made a red good luck poster. Woot. #
  • Q: What strange superpower would you like to have? #
  • Q: Where would be the oddest place to find a wondering samurai? #
  • A video clip of the dance show from a few years ago based on the art of SHAG! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OEwhN7O2aY #
  • Gathering togeteher supplies for the CAM-JAM 2010-#1 on this Sunday. #
  • If my website took a shower, this is what it would sing: http://www.codeorgan.com/?url=atomicbearpress.com/ #codeorgan #
  • Printing out randomly created Haiku's. #
  • Going to SF to join the talented cartoonist Jeff Plotkin and celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday Jeff. #
  • Meeting up at Utrcht. #
  • Done teaching at the CAM, time to meet up with Jeff and crew. #
  • Everything is ready for the CAM-JAM is ready. #
  • The smoked and fried chicken at Memphis Minnies is pretty awsome. The make a nice slaw too. #memphis minnies #
  • Memphis Minnie's sells Bacon Pecan Brittle. I did not get any, but I am curious. #
  • Packing up the supplies for tomorrow. I hope we make some cool comics tomorrow. It will be fun no matter what. #

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