Feb 18

The ABP banner is here.

OK folks here is the banner I ordered from gotprint.com. I just got it today. The material is lighter then the ones I have seen that cost more, but at $30 that is not a surprise. The banner is suppose to be matte, but there is some shine to it still, but I don’t think I will return it at this point. The color looks really bright and good tonight (will have to see it in daylight to know the whole scoop). The only biggie is that there is some black ‘dirt’ at the cat and pirate images, but that could just be my original files. All in all it looks pretty good for $30. It took about 13 days to get it including non-work days and a holiday too.
Now to find a way to display it at a con with no wall to hang it on.

My banner for AtomicBearPress.com

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