Jan 20

My 12×6 comic challenge

I have a project I plan to do this year staring next weekend (Sun Jan 25, 2009)…the 12×5 Comic Challenge. I really want to create more artwork and do more projects this year and I figured one way to do that would be to make a challenge for myself.

I really liked the results of my 24HCBD comic (see it here: http://atomicbearpress.com/2008/11/11/team-sonic-x-page-1-and-2/) and wanted to take what I learned and keep moving forward.

The idea is that I will do a 12 comic pages in TWELVE hour jam SIX times. I.E. 12×6=72 pages. That will give me a graphic novella that will be drawn by the San Diego Comic-Con.

My rules are:

– Do draw the comic at some other location away from home if possible. Less distractions make is easier to do.

– Do the first 12 page jam as a stand alone story.

– After the first 12×6 challenge you can work on the project in-between, but you still have to do all 6 challenges. The idea is to do more projects and more art after all.

– Like 24HCBD, don’t write the story ahead of time or make big plans. But do plan themes and gernés ahead of time and think up general ideas.

– Production work can be done after/in-between the 12hr jams. The important thing is to produce 12 pages of art on each jam.

– Do post the art on-line.

– Do invite other artist to join in the fun.

– Do dedicate the story to someone that matters to you if possible.

– Do reschedule if you can not do the jam when planned.

The only issue I have now is to find a place to do the jam and get figure out how big to create the art. Since my father is having some serious health problems, I might need to do the challenge at home.

I all ready know what ideas and concepts I want to use, but I will not state them encase I decided to change them.

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