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Sep 30

The road to 24 Hour Comic Book Day – part 1

So I have decided to do the 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge 2008, even though I will miss 3 hrs of the event. I am trying to practice drawing cool stuff fast. I really want to do something more painterly and stylistic this year. I really want to test and push myself artistically.

I am feeling very influenced right now by:

Michael Cho:
Paul Pope:
Chris Samnee:
Toby Cyprus:

So I started with tracing photos (in this case of TV and Movie superheroes) and only drawing the deep black shadows and no outlines.

Not perfect, but kind of cool.
These are watercolor paintings I drew from photos of superheros. Many of them do not look like the originals. No pencil lines, I did everything with the brush so I am bound to be off a bit.

If I did this in my 24 hour comic it would be in gray washes and some pen lines too.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Lois Lane from the Reeves Superman movie.
Spiderman from the 70’s live action show
Capt. Marvel from movie serials
Captain America from movie serials
Robot Detective Kenji
Superman from the Reeves movie

So next I timed myself by drawings the page below. Since for 24HCBD you only have about 40-50 min a page, you have to work fast. This one took about 40 minuets and with a bit more time it could be even better. The inking is brush and acrylic ink over blue pencil lines that are drawn pretty loosely. The think lines and word balloons are done in a fine point Sharpe pen. Not perfect, but not horrible either.

Last I decided to do an illustration that took about a half hour. I roughted it in blue pencil and then drew the lines with the thin Sharpe pen. Then I went over with washes of both gray and white acylic paint.

The problem I had was that the gun-slinger in the front and the one-eyed monster in the back are getting jumbled and lost. So I photoshoped some grey to see if I could improve it….

So that is where I am right now. I only have about 3 weeks till the big day and I so I should be posting more experiments soon.

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