Oct 23

Wash Drawings

Last night I had a blast creating lots of wash drawings (with black goash) and then brought them into the computer and added some color. Here they are…

[singlepic=239,320,240,,] [singlepic=237,320,240,,]


And here are my favorites….

First off a Zorro like hero sweet talking a lovely girl in the garden. It’s was first penciled and then partially inked with lots being filled in with a brush. Then more lines were added on top. Below is the original black and white art and the digitally colored version.

[singlepic=240,320,240,,] [singlepic=234,320,240,,]

Then I tried my hand at doing some fan art. I decided to try to get a brushed look like Tim Sale achieves by painting and then upping the contrast. It helps that my scanner is pretty fast making getting the art into the computer a cinch. I am quite fond of the superman in the first piece.



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