Oct 08

Silicon and the Mysterious Badge Ribbons

While at Silicon 2007 this weekend (October 5-7) I stumbled upon something new…Badge Ribbons. OK, they aren’t new, but they seemed more prevalent then before to me.

Badge Ribbons are small award ribbons with a strip of adhesive that are designed to be attached to the back of a convention badge. I am sure they originally were there to label some folks that were winners of contests or to let you know folks with a special title, but at a convention like Silicon 2007 the badge ribbons seem mostly used to either promote a group or event or to let others know you met some convention personality. There were many youngsters running around with over 20 of these ribbons on their badge. I received mine (above) mostly from parties I attended. One gent gave me the +10 and of Doom badges and I added another badge in-between to get a RPG funny.

The badge ribbons are geeky, but there is something very cool and personal about them. I wonder if I could sell more stuff if I gave some Badge Ribbons out? Hmmmmmmm.


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