Aug 12

Beyond the Great Chimney #2 update

Well, some of you might be wondering, “Where is issue #2 of Beyond the Great Chimney?”

I finished up everything in time for Comic-Con in San Diego. I rushed it off to have some nice copies made at Kinko’s in downtown Oakland CA. The copies were very good, but expensive to make. I do have the say that the folks at the City Center Kinko’s did a wonderful job and where very helpful. And of course, as soon as you print it you find lots of silly mistakes too. I gave out about 15 copies to other artist, and I sold a few as well.

Which brings us to the status of BTGC#2. I am trying to find a printer who can do a well-priced short run. (If you know one, email me.) I am still small potatoes for now, and having 1200 issues to try to sell is a bit much.

On a high note I am starting to add the dialog to the mock up of BTGC #3 so I can have my proofreaders look it over. I have learned in the last two issues that I am an artist and writing is something I can do only OK. And it hold me back from getting done, so now I am going to work on the text first. Then there is no confusion on the artwork as well.

So if everything goes well, Wondercon 2005 in February should have me with lots of stuff. Plus some new surprises too.

Please hold your horses and drop me an email. Happy to hear comments from my buddies in cyberspace.

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