Aug 06

Atomic Web Travel (links): Disney! (part 1)

As you might be able to guess, I am a big fan of Disney stuff. Thanks to the Internet, we can enjoy the wonders of Disney’s past even with the problems the company is currently having here in the present. Bellow are some of my favorite links related to Disneyland and the Disney Studios.

Save Disney Roy Disney and Stanly Gold’s critical Disney site. Very interesting reading into the politics of media and entertainment at the mouse house.

Jim Hill Media Jim Hill and his staff of writers love Disney, as well as comics, cartoons, animation, broadways and other fun stuff. They also tell it like it is, with a mix or news and rumors to fascinate and titillate anyone from heavy fan to casual user.

Mice Age read articles with the latest leaks, gossip and discussions about Disney, focusing on Disneyland park.

Mouse Planet while less volatile then previous sites, they update every weekday with Disney theme park goodness.

Doom the best site on the web for fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction. Takes a bit to load on a modem, but the design is excellent.

Tell no from the makers of comes an awesome Pirates of the Caribbean site.

Virtual Toad a fan of the now defunct Mr. Toads Wild Ride at WDW is recreating it in 3D CGI animation

Walt Dated World Defunct attractions and stuff at WDW in Florida

The E Ticket magazine The ultimate Disneyland fan publication, great for the armchair imaginers

Yesterland Defunct attractions at Disneyland, great links.

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