Aug 05

Beyond the Great Chimney #3 update

Well, the last few days have been very good.

When I was down at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 22-25 I felt a lot of positive energy (more on the con later). I had 30 very nice copy’s of issue #2 of my comic book, Beyond the Great Chimney, printed up at Kinko’s and I gave out copies to many of my favorite artist. A few people even said they really liked issue #1. So when the convention was over, I hopped on a Greyhound bus to Riverside, CA to visit my Sister and her husband. I decided I would use the built up energy to start thinking about issue #3. So on that trip I did the first 3/4 of the book, just flowing from the story in the other two issues. Trying to remember all the plot points that needed to be dealt with.

SO I’ve been feeling pretty good about the work I have done in the last few days. Thanks to my visual rough draft I did on the bus, I had an idea of where the story had to go. So I sat down at the iMac and Word and wrote a rough draft of the script. My process in creating a comic book is to work back in forth to find the best combination of words and pictures. Now I am an artist first, so the words do have some trouble coming out. That’s why I have decided to started early on the writing on the third issue.

Last night (Tue) I sat down with the script and did a new rough version of issue #3, taking into account the script. I now have 29 pages of a 24-page comic book to work with. I am quite pleased with the results so far. I know it will take tweaking, but I feel that it will be an enjoyable story for the reader.

Issue #3 will feature more action and quick cutting then anything I have ever done. We will get a chance to see the events that will change most of our cast: Victor, Kate, Sir Tugert, Wendell, Ducelot, and Prof Ward.

And that brings us to tonight. I sat down and worked on designs for two new characters who will appear for the first time in issue #3: But one character is mentioned on page 1 in issue#2, and the other one can be seen lurking in the scenes with Kate and Sir Tugert in the city of San Deco. The new design drawings are pretty good. They are loose sketches, but they have a lot of energy and I think the characters are coming through. I will post them once I feel they are ready to show.

My next step is to scan in my rough pages into Photoshop, and ad the dialog, and then I can get some help on making sure it makes sense.

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