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Tag: video

Jan 28

Motion Art Moment: January 2012 Gorry Bug

Can’t see the video, visit Motion Art Moment: January 2012 Gorry Bug from Brian Kolm on Vimeo. I would like to share with you something new I am doing for 2012, a Motion Art Moment. These will be short monthly videos that take a recent piece of my artwork/illustration/comics and animate them using digital tools. …

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Dec 25

A special holiday greeting from me to you

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to everyone no matter how/what/where you celebrate. Every year I have illustrated an original Christmas card for my family to send to family and friends. The earliest Christmas cards we would make were silk screened and my father took my art and cut it by hand into …

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Nov 26

Repurposing architecture with animation ‘Illuminique’ at Westfield Mall SF

I have written in the past in my Motion Comic Magic posts where I talk about re-purposing artwork from comics and books into animation, but today’s post is about re-purposing architecture with animation using video/architectural mapping. Basically a high-tech technique in which video is seamlessly projected on unusual surfaces to wrap it in animation and …

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Nov 19

Motion Comic Magic > new european comic trailers ‘Gringos Locos’ ‘Ria’ and ‘Kid Lucky’

For today’s Motion Comic Magic post I just wanted to share a few nice trailers for comic books from France/Belgium and Germany. I am still surprised that theĀ  major US companies don’t create more trailers for their books. The first one is a Franco-Belgian BD comic trailer that features a story of three comic artists …

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Aug 11

Motion Comic Magic: Jascha Hoffman – “Some Hungry Guy”

I just saw this great music video by Jascha Hoffman for the song “Some Hungry Guy” in which artwork from Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay. The strips are from the turn of the century and are in the public domain. The animation is by Benjamin Ahr Harrison. It’s nice to see someone re-purposing …

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Jul 17

Kung Fu, Space, and Books=animated book trailers

Hey all, it’s time for some more trailers for books. Today we get one picture book and two comic books. What do you think, would you read them after seeing these trailers?   I posted a trailer a while back for Lane Smith’s book It’s a Book! which was really well done. Well there is …

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Apr 13

Video Trailers to promote Comics and Books

If you read my blog enough, you will know that I am very in favor of using video/animation to promote and present comics and other publications. When I did the first trailer for ‘Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath’ it was still not very common, but it’s becoming more and more the norm which …

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Dec 22

Fun Holiday video clips!

Here are some fun/weird/strange Christmas videos. I promise more holiday artwork going up Wednesday night. The classic live action, rubber suited, superhero from Japan…Ultraman appears with both heroes and villains to send a seasonal message from it’s production company Tsuburaya. Joel Robbinson, Tom Servo and Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3k (MST3K) sing a Patrick …

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