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Aug 09

SDCC 2011 part 4: My artwork I created

As you know from my previous posts, I participated in the Cartoon Art Museum’s Sketch-A-Thon at the SDCC2011. Most of the time we created original art for a donation to the Museum for an individual, but sometimes we did drawings that were just examples while waiting for a customer. A few of mine that did …

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Feb 17

Superman Classic – amazing animated Fan Film

(via Cartoon Brew) Cartoon Brew shared a video that has since been all over the place on Blogs and Facebook since it’s really really good. Below is a really well done one-minute of traditional drawn animation with a retro classic Superman by Robb Pratt that (I hope) should be a proof-of-concept for a bigger project …

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Sep 22

Recent Artwork

Sketches from last Saturday kids class at the Cartoon Art Museum. There was a Totoro theme. This is a current project/exerciese to create sketch cards of orignal art. The superhero images were drawn from convention costume photos.

Mar 06

JLA in ink and watercolor

[singlepic=421,320,240,,]   A segment of a fan piece I did with a brush dipped and inked, tinted with watercolors.

Mar 06

Bizzarro Superman

[singlepic=420,320,240,,] In the Superman superhero mythos, Bizzarro is a duplicate of Superman created by Lex Luthor. Depending on what version you are reading, the duplicate is just like the Man of Steel at first. But soon things are not well and the clone’s make up is change to give his face a pale or faceted …

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Dec 13

Holiday Interview

[singlepic=350,320,240,,] Superman©DC Comics