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Tag: robot

Mar 06

Robot Watercolor painting

Click to see a bigger image at Quick watercolor painting of a robot, done at work. Done in Feb 2011.

Feb 21

New Art! Jetpack Robot watercolor

Click above for a bigger image on A quick and dirty painting of a robot with a jet-pack on. I like how the figure has a softer quality then the stereotypical rigid robot. Mine seems like it made of plastic or a clay figure from the cast of Gumby.

Feb 16

New Art! Robot Detective Kenji

Click for a larger image on I guess posting 6 images of rabbits 6 days in a row is enough and it’s time for something a little different. I love the ‘silly’ yet so retro cool Japanese Metal Hero Robot Detective K from a 1973 TV show. How many robots can wear a bright …

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Dec 20

New Art: Even Santa needs a bit of help…

I have not posted in a while and thought it was high-time to do, especially with the Christmas Holiday upon us later this week and the very end of the year a week later. I always do a bunch of Christmas Card designs every year and this year was no different and I was thinking …

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Oct 25

New Art: Tree Cutting Robot

A robot cutting wood. Maybe he is building a house. Pencil art colored in Photoshop. Click image for a bigger picture on Flickr.