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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Tag: Kolm

Sep 05

Rooting Tooting Pinoccho – part 1

This is a comic I created last month at the Cartoon Art Museum during a comic jam (CAM JAM 2 on 8/16/09) and at the San Francisco Zine Fest (8-22/23-09). The challenge: draw a mini comic that I could experiment and play around with without worrying about consistency and style. When I polled my friends …

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Sep 01

New Art: Tiki Nightcap

click for a bigger image Brush and ink with digital coloring. Tiki is suppose to look like a jack-o-lantern. I guess I got Halloween on the mind.

Sep 03

Update: the end of summer.

Labor day weekend has come and gone which, for many, signals the end of the Summer season. Of late my blogging has gotten more sparse, so I have lots of catch up with news of my projects and cartooning classes (instead of just posting random art and interesting links). I know that folks like to …

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Aug 22

Recent artwork 8-22-08

OK folks, here is some new art I have done. These were done in watercolor, then photoshoped for cleanup and color. I have been trying to work more graphically, inspired by the work of Michael Cho. He does his inks as shading, but not outlines per-say and then uses flat color to help shape the …

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Aug 13

Recent paintings

Hey all, here are some recent paintings I did. Enjoy. The first one was inspired by the work of this artist, though it might not look like it. I started with a sketch in orange and then I did the lines on top. This watercolor painting is from the Southwest Airline magazine I got on …

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Feb 21

Wondercon 2008 PREVIEW #2

   Ok, a bit more self promotion. I am happy to announce I will have a new convention sketchbook at Wondercon 2008…. MAPS, MAGIC, and MENAGERIE The sketchbook features 32 pages of black and white art with a RPG theme to tie it all together. Each page of characters and critters has been given a …

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Feb 05

See me in the SF Weekly this week

UPDATE: See my writeup in the SF Weekly HERE. I got a photo and everything. Below is a scan from the actual paper. There is one mistake: I do not give lessons in my home. It would be in my studio and I do not have it set up to teach in at this time. …

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Jan 11

Twelfth Night caricatures

I did these drawings while watching the movie Twelfth Night based on the play by William Shakespeare. The play is a real gender bender with the lead female character dressed a man most of the story. The cast of the movie contains many of great British character actors. [singlepic=379,320,240,,] The story of Twelfth Night is …

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