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Tag: humor

Apr 26

Jeffery Brown’s ‘Darth Vader and Son’ book trailer and CAM exhibit

Cartoonist Jeffery Brown ( has a new book called Darth Vader and Son, which the trailer above promotes. I wanted to post the trailer here at since it’s a great example of taking existing art from a book and re-purposes it for animation, plus it’s really cool. What if Darth Vader took an active …

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Oct 31

Happy Halloween everyone! Boo!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Apr 14

The Mushroom – a pub animation by Julio del Rio

Following the techniques of Fran Krause (Moonraker, Utica Cartoon) who created the art for a short film “Nosy Bear” in his sketchbook, Julio del Rio did this short film with similar techniques. The artist drew all the images on one sheet of paper while sitting at the pub and then composed them on the computer …

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Mar 12

New Art: Darth Vader…sort of

Click above to see a bigger image at Pencil and Watercolor

Feb 27

NEW art! Dancing Devil

Click above for a bigger image at A watercolor painting with digital color and editing of a dancing devil.

Dec 24

Happy Holidays and Marry Christmas from Atomic Bear Press

Sep 05

New Art – Look before you Leap!

Brush and Ink drawing with digital color on top. Click for a large picture

Sep 15

John Hodgman on BoingBoing TV

John Hodgman (book: areas of my expertiese, TV: Apple commericals, Daily Show, Movies: Coraline) was on Boing Boing TV talking about his book with this funny interview. The guy is so deadpan and odd, and very funny. Check it out.