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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Tag: fantasy

Apr 22

New Art! Evil Peter Pan

Brush and Ink drawing. 11″x17″ click above for larger image at

Apr 13

New Art-‘Star Wars art (and beyond)’ at Chabot College Kids on Campus 2011

I will be teaching again this Summer at Chabot College in Hayward CA for the Kids on Campus summer program. Cartooning: Star Wars Art (and beyond) This class helps you to create your own Space characters by learning to first draw characters from the Star Wars universe. The class will teach skills like constructing figures …

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Feb 26

NEW! Lizard Lion

Click on the image above to see it bigger at A watercolor painting with digital color added on-top. A Lizard combined with a Lion.

Feb 21

New Art! Jetpack Robot watercolor

Click above for a bigger image on A quick and dirty painting of a robot with a jet-pack on. I like how the figure has a softer quality then the stereotypical rigid robot. Mine seems like it made of plastic or a clay figure from the cast of Gumby.

Feb 18

New Art! Dragon Watercolor

Click for a bigger image on A watercolor drawing of a dragon done over a wet-on-wet under-painting.

Feb 07

New Art! The Future? watercolor

This painting was created in one of the classes I teach. I gave the theme…The Future to try to stimulate some new ideas from the students. I was trying really hard to just go wild and create something with a lot of color and a lot of silliness to it. I must admit this is …

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Feb 07

New Art! Fanciful Creature drawings

Here are some drawings from last year while teaching that I just got around to scanning in, and posting. Probably done when I was planning my fantasy creature art class that I did last year. Click on the images to see it a bit bigger on

Feb 05

New Art! The Bird Lord watercolor

Click for a bigger image on Did you see the sketches for this art that I posted yesterday?