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Tag: Fan Art

May 10

New Art! Tribute to Mobius

 Click here to see a bigger image at I have been a big fan of the master French comic artist Mobius (aka Jean Giraud) since my college days where I was inspired by his style, technique and color use. With his recent passing I thought I would, like so many around the world, draw …

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Aug 04

SDCC 2011 part 2A – CAM Sketch-A-Thon July 21 Wednesday

This year I again volunteered to help one of my most favorite organization at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco. I can only wonder around the convention so much before getting burned-out and this was a way to also promote my art as well as help a great non-profit. …

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May 02

and more Wondercon 2011 convention art

And the rest of the art I created at Wondercon 2011 (April 1-3), this time all original characters by me. Octopus – click above for a bigger image Some creature thingy – click above for a bigger image Steam punk women – click above for a bigger image Archer – click above for a bigger …

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May 01

More Wondercon 2011 fan art comissions

Here are some more art I created at Wondercon 2011 (April 1-3). Pokemon creature – click above for a bigger image Etrigan the Demon from DC Comic – click above for a bigger image Vision and Scarlet Witch from Marvel Comics – click above for a bigger image   the Might Thor from Marvel Comics …

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Apr 04

Wondercon2011 Superhero Paintings

Wondercon this past weekend was really great. I got really good response to my NEW art prints and I did quite a bit of art while I was at the table. Some of the art was commissions and some was just to kill time during lulls. Over this week I will post some art and …

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Feb 16

New Art! Robot Detective Kenji

Click for a larger image on I guess posting 6 images of rabbits 6 days in a row is enough and it’s time for something a little different. I love the ‘silly’ yet so retro cool Japanese Metal Hero Robot Detective K from a 1973 TV show. How many robots can wear a bright …

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Nov 02

new art: Modok

M.O.D.O.K. is an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. He has a plethora of psychic powers, which he used to take control of AIM. from Modok is one of those weird Marvel Comic villains that hearkens back to the days when things did not have to be so serious or ‘cool’. In …

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Aug 13

Happy 41st birthday, Haunted Mansion!

The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland just turned 41 and to celebrate I thought I would post some fan art inspired by the attraction. There is an event in Anaheim held by the 1313 clube that I wished I was going too next week called the Marvelous Mechanized Magic Kingdom.  They will have on displays …

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