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Tag: dragon

Mar 21

NEW ART! Sketch Tuesdays Dragon

Drawn at 111 Minna gallery and club in San Francisco at the Sketch Tuesday artist event on 3/21/12. The event allows artist to make art on the spot and place it for sale for patrons visiting the space.  The art is black acrylic ink and watercolor on watercolor paper.

Jan 27

NEW ART – Celebrating the Year of the Dragon.

Hope everyone is having a wondrous Lunar New Year!

Feb 27

Moving art by Jamie Caliri (United Airline “Dragon”, “United States of Tara”)

Animation director Jamie Caliri has produced some stunning animation using 2D art, in 3D. But not in CGI 3D, but in stop motion. And since I am always interested in re-purposing 2D art into animation I thought I would share some oh his work. The first piece of animation I saw from Mr. Caliri was …

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Mar 25


[singlepic=437,320,240,,]   click for a larger image A fun gouache painting.

Jan 19

Phoenix and Dragon

[singlepic=382,320,240,,] [singlepic=381,320,240,,] (click for bigger image) 

Dec 13

Dragon and Jester

[singlepic=352,320,240,,] [singlepic=351,320,240,,] Wash drawings with some tint in PS.

Nov 04

Art: dragon and hero studies

[singlepic=304,320,240,,] [singlepic=305,320,240,,] More brush lines in goash with digital tweaking and color.