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Tag: Disney

Apr 18

Making of ‘Up’

Can’t wait to see this movie. It looks very creative and fun. Up Exclusive Featurette

Mar 09

Brian Kolm day at WDW

I am very excited to announce that Walt Disney World will be customizing there “what will you celebrate” promotion to…Me. They knew my birthday was coming up and produced this video… OK, you can be the star of the park by going here, Just scroll down to the video and skip the email to …

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Oct 29

Disney themepark Halloween Fun

– Window to the Magic audio podcast’s Halloween episode. Includes rocking mash-ups that uses audio from theme park rides, animation soundtracks, etc. as well as audio from classic kids records. GIVE A LISTEN HERE. – Every year Tokyo Disneyland has elaborate parade, here a few of my favorite: 2005’s Pumpkin Party 2007’s Haunted Mansion themed …

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Aug 17

Exciting new movies in the future.

I have to say there are three animated film I am excited about: The Princess and the Frog from Disney. A return to 2D animation with a musical fairytale set in New Orleans. Check out the funny clip below to see a teaser for the film. Looking very cool. ALSO check out Disney’s new website …

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Jul 06

Enchanted Fireworks for the 4th.

These are the new “Enchanted” fireworks for the summer at Euro Disneyland in Paris. I know that showing a fireworks show in France is probably not that patriotic of me, but this one is very cool and well done. The show does not have the usual Disney character voice overs and lots of bells and …

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Feb 25

Making more art at Wondercon 2008

So, before I posted images of art I created for others at Wondercon 2008, and now I get to show some personal pieces I did during the convention. The first one is a fan piece, a watercolor painting of the villainous Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. [singlepic=413,320,240,,] Then I used a photo I took on …

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Nov 11

Chris Schnabel

I just saw a beautiful painting on the new Disney Store Shelves blog a concept painting by Chris Schnabel. I have loved Chris’s work since I saw his painting on the cover of the Aladdin CD Soundtrack. He seems to mostly do work for Disney and he does not have a blog or web sit …

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