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Tag: Disney

Aug 06

Princess and the Frog pencil tests

Here is some pencil tests for the upcoming Disney animated feature the Princess and the Frog. Very very very very cool.

Jul 15

Once Upon a Dream: the Art of Sleeping Beauty at the Cartoon Art Museum

This is the postcard/banner design I did for the new Cartoon Art Museum exhibit that opens on Saturday. I have seen the show and it’s pretty amazing, particularly if you are a fan of Animation and the Disney Studio. Mark your calendars for August 15. That’s the Sleeping Beauty opening reception with special guest Ron …

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Jul 10

Videos on animating a princess

(via A new video with Mark Henn talking about animating princess Tiana in the Princes and the Frog. It’s over at the AWN. The Disney Channel recently had a ‘Top Secret Tour’ with behind the scenes on the Princess and the Frog. If you can avoid the perky kids at the beginning you can …

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Jul 04

America Sings!

This show from Disneyland that originated in the carousel theater in Tomorrow land is one of favorite extinct attractions. You see this was the first attractions I was not afraid to see at the park. My parents all told me it was just animals singing and putting on the show, but I was convinced that …

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Jun 10

Update 6-10-09

Hey all. Time for another update on whats happening with the ever tall Brian Kolm. – I will be teaching an Adult level class on this weekend June 13-14, 200: Defining the Project Instructor: Brian Kolm Level: Beginning/Intermediate – Adult Days: June 13-14, 2009 Are you thinking about working on a personal comic or cartoon …

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May 10

Disney’s Princess and the Frog and Ponyo

I am very much looking forward to this movie… December 2009 in Theaters. and this one too… (note the English trailer is not out yet) August 14th in Theaters.

May 01

The Story of the Haunted Mansion!

I am pleased to share with you a fan project that I had a small part in as part of Patrick Hurd’s “the Show with Patrick” video podcast. Here is the official press: The Story of the Haunted Mansion. You’ll learn how the wish of one man to provide a loving home for his family, …

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Apr 21

‘The Story of the Haunted Mansion’ video podcast on May 1st.

Hey all, as some of you may remember, I did some fan artwork (HERE) and (HERE) for a fan video podcast, well you will be able to see the final production on May first. The video is a fan history of the famous Disney theme park attraction the Haunted Mansion and will included the voices …

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