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Tag: DC comics

Aug 09

SDCC 2011 part 4: My artwork I created

As you know from my previous posts, I participated in the Cartoon Art Museum’s Sketch-A-Thon at the SDCC2011. Most of the time we created original art for a donation to the Museum for an individual, but sometimes we did drawings that were just examples while waiting for a customer. A few of mine that did …

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May 01

More Wondercon 2011 fan art comissions

Here are some more art I created at Wondercon 2011 (April 1-3). Pokemon creature – click above for a bigger image Etrigan the Demon from DC Comic – click above for a bigger image Vision and Scarlet Witch from Marvel Comics – click above for a bigger image   the Might Thor from Marvel Comics …

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Apr 04

Wondercon2011 Superhero Paintings

Wondercon this past weekend was really great. I got really good response to my NEW art prints and I did quite a bit of art while I was at the table. Some of the art was commissions and some was just to kill time during lulls. Over this week I will post some art and …

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Feb 17

Superman Classic – amazing animated Fan Film

(via Cartoon Brew) Cartoon Brew shared a video that has since been all over the place on Blogs and Facebook since it’s really really good. Below is a really well done one-minute of traditional drawn animation with a retro classic Superman by Robb Pratt that (I hope) should be a proof-of-concept for a bigger project …

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Jan 16

New Art: Captain Marvel! Shazam!

A quick Ink and Brush drawing drawn at the Cartoonist Conspiracy SF Comic Jam on 1-13-2011 and digitally colored on 1-15-11. The Captain is 70 this year and Newsarama is doing a series of articles on his past, present and future. (you can click below for a bigger image at Flickr)

Nov 10

new fan-art: Joker

A pen and ink sketch of Batman’s nemesis…the Joker. Some digital coloring too.

Nov 04

new art: Bizarro

Bizarro is a bizarre, imperfect copy of Superman. He is everything that Superman is not–literally. Every thing Bizarro does is deliberately backwards or the opposite of normal. — from I love the character since he can be categorized as a villain in the DC Superhero universe, but he really is just dumb and crazy. …

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Mar 25


This is a piece for my cousin Ken’s birthday. It’s Indian Ink and watercolor. The ink is wonderful when applied to wet paper. The character is one of DC Comics galactic guardians from the Green Lantern Corps. G’nort is usually played as the comedy relief, but I wanted to show him a bit cooler and …

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