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May 06

Comic Book Trailers

Here are some new comic book trailers I have discovered on-line… Mangaman by Barry Lyga with illustrations by Colleen Doran (A Distant Soil). A boy from a Manga (Japaneses Comic) universe somehow gets transported to the ‘real’ world and goes to an American high school. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Just a nice …

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Nov 04

new art: Bizarro

Bizarro is a bizarre, imperfect copy of Superman. He is everything that Superman is not–literally. Every thing Bizarro does is deliberately backwards or the opposite of normal. — from I love the character since he can be categorized as a villain in the DC Superhero universe, but he really is just dumb and crazy. …

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Oct 01

24HCBD 2009: Love and Resurrection (read it on-line)

Finally, here is my 24 Hour Comic Book Day comic from last year, 2009. The story of a sidekick, misunderstandings, and a beautiful goddess. It was almost done in the 24 hours and I am really proud at how good it turned out considering the challenge. I did end up adding a bit of art …

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Mar 01

CAM-JAM 2010 – #1 follow-up w/photos

Hey all, I thought it was time to give a bit of a follow-up to the CAM-JAM comic jam at the Cartoon Art Museum that I helped organize with the museum’s bookstore. I would say it’s the most successful event yet with 16 participants helping create a 40 page mini comic. There is a link …

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Oct 07

the Road to 24 Hour Comic Book Day – part 2

So 24 Hour Comic Book Day is on October 18th and I will be perticipating at San Francisco’s Comic Outpost. In my preperation for the challenge I drew a short 4 page comic last night. Each page took about 20 minuets and there was little to no planning. The pages were drawn with blue pencil …

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Sep 26

October 18th is going to be Crazy Fun

October 18th has a lot going on. I am both teaching the drop-in kids cartooning class at the Cartoon Art Museum as well as participating for the 24 Hour Comic Book Day at Comics Outpost (more info here). The problem? The 24 Hour Comic Book Day event starts at 11 am and I need to …

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Jun 10

“Asterix unveils his secrets in English”

The official blog of the famous Belgian comic star, Astrix the Gaul has a fun post about the women who translates the books. Translator Anthea Bell writes in her New York Sun article: The great treasure of the Asterix saga is its inventive wordplay, which has forced translators such as me to adapt freely and …

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May 15

Supercon this weekend in San Jose May 17-18,2008

I will be at Supercon 2008 in San Jose this Saturday at the Cartoon Art Museum table right in front (or so I am told). I will be selling Comics and be taking commissions for original art. So come on buy and say ‘Hi”. Find out more at