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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Jan 03

My Stage Projections (video) ‘performing arts night 2017’

Here are samples of stage projections I created for a special youth showcase production this past November 2o17. Note on the productions are below.

One of my regular teaching jobs is at a non-profit origination in San Francisco where I teach art with young art-risk young adults. Every year we put on our ‘Performing Arts Night’ and my job is to help produce graphics for the show like the poster.

From almost the first show 9 years ago we had video as part of the projection with a video loop of photos and art playing on a screen as the audience arrived.

We moved to a larger location three years ago that included a large back projection screen that allowed me to use images and videos through out the whole show. It was exciting to use the projections to enhance our performers, but it was far form a virtual set.

And then this year, last year (2017) we moved to a new smaller stage space, but one with a front projection unit that could fill most of the background. That meant that I could actually create more elaborate settings that would surround the performs. It was really exciting to do and the audience seemed to really like it.

The work was done with Photoshop, After Effects, and Blender 3d and sequenced with Microsoft Powerpoint.


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