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Oct 15

#inktober 2017 – week 01 – drawings 1 to 7

inktober logo inkAs I mentioned on my first #inktober post my unusual plan to make a series of ink drawings that would be part of a long panorama, well here is the first seven of them.

First off Inktober is…

31 Days 31 Drawings

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

— Jake Parker, creator of Inktober

Before the challenge started I came up with a basic concept, a seed to start my art adventure. With halloween approaching and the release of the horror movie ‘It’ I decided my main character would be a clown. It seems to be a common idea that lots of folks feel clowns are ‘creepy’ and ‘scary’, but I don’t feel that way so I chose that my character would be a heroic clown.

I started coming up with clown designs till I found one that I like.

These are drawn with something new(er) for me, a mechanical pencil with red colored leads. I was inspired by another artist drawings and how their red underdrawing were able to give a bit more warms then the usual blue colored pencil.

Since I am having all my drawing be connected in one long panorama, I always draw/paint the overlapping edge areas so it will be more consistent, but this sometimes means that 1/3 to 1/4 of the next days drawing are done the day before. You can see in the photo below what I mean by this…

I learned after the first few drawings to use some painters tape on the back to hold them together while I work.

For the drawings I start with a light blue mechanical pencil lead and then inking over with black FW brand acrylics ink on Canson XL Mixed Media paper. I eventually added up some cool grey and white acrylic ink as well.

inktober 2017 material

On with the show..

I will show you each drawing separately and then finally how they look when they are lined up, end to end. The separate drawings are hosted on Instagram, where you can see all this years Inktober work HERE ( #inktoberjourneybk2017 ).

With drawing eight I added the FW cool grey acrylic ink that I bought at Artist and Craftsman Supplies. I wanted to get some white, but they were sold out at that time. The Cool Grey ink is interesting in that it needs to be shaken/mixed before and as you use it since the suspended particles seem to break down a bit, but it works beautifully.

With drawing 13 I started using the white FW ink as well, which I picked up at Blick Art Supplies. It seems to be a bit translucent and it needs a heavier use to get it strong white over the grey/black ink.

And now we get to how all the drawings look when lined up. I scanned the drawings and compositing them in Adobe After Affects that I also use to make videos as well. To see a bigger image, right click/control click and select open image in new window/tab!

lineup week- 1 and 2 inktober 2017

Stay tuned for the next update!


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