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Oct 08

CAM-Jam 2011 #2: Paper Monster Party follow-up

Last month on September 11, 2011 I helped organize another CAM-Jam with the Bookstore at Cartoon Art Museum and InkDrinkDraw. These art jam events happen around 3 times a year for the past 3 years and always have a different theme. You can read up on past events HERE.

This CAM-Jam we decided to have artist make customizable paper toys.

In the last few years there has been a big trend of customizable art with everything from cities filled with animal statues to galleries of DIY painted urban vinyl. The basic idea is to have a blank basic form which then you as an artist customize to make it into something more. Part of this trend is paper toys in which you can print out, cut out and fold, like THESE. But there are also artist who can take a basic form and make it something unique.

The event was great with over 20 artist attending as well as some of the museum’s guests joining in the fun making Paper Action Figures like these…
CAM-Jam 2011 #2 : Paper Monster Party (sept 11, 2011)
CAM-Jam 2011 #2 : Paper Monster Party (sept 11, 2011)
CAM-Jam 2011 #2 : Paper Monster Party (sept 11, 2011)
CAM-Jam 2011 #2 : Paper Monster Party (sept 11, 2011)CAM-Jam 2011 #2 : Paper Monster Party (sept 11, 2011)

You can also check out the photos on the Bookstore at the Cartoon Art Museum’s facebook page HERE. If you have photos from the event you want to share, comment below.

Some of the templates we used are:
P.D. Paper Dude /
Paper Toy Adventures /
and Nice Paper Toys blog /

And…one I had created myself using Blender 3D to help make the pattern. If you click the image below you can download a PDF of my pattern that is free to use for non-commercial use. It’s not fancy, but it works OK with your imagination.

Note: there is not a pattern for the arms which I just cut out of scraps and used double-stick tape to attach them.

Space Sheriff Joe - Paper Toy by Brian KolmDownload the template for my basic blank paper action figure.

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