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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Aug 27

CAM-JAM 2011/#1/Animation Jam (final results!)

This short animation was created as part of the 3rd year of CAM-JAM artist events at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco CA. Produced on Sun May 22, 2011 in 6 hours for the art and then composited in After Effects later. Each event is an art jam with a different theme, from comics about tiki’s to tarot cards to paper toy monsters.

РThe event started with some warm-up animation drawn on a white board (purchased at Daiso America store)  and filmed with a iStopMotion.

– Then each artist started drawing a sequence of animation which were then were strung together thanks to some storyboarding by Rick Lucey. The mini animation drawings were composited in Adobe After Effects.

Take a look…

You can see an announcement and find out what our goals were HERE

Artists: Karen Luk, Rick Lucey, Mouser, Brian Kolm and Jeff Plotkin

Technique inspiration: Fran Krause’s sketchbook animation ‘Nosy Bear’ –
editing and compositing: Brian Kolm
music: Kevin MacLeod/
Sound Effects:, soundbible.comMike Koenig,
with thanks to: Heather Plunkett and the Cartoon Art Museum and Bookstore/Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco


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