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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

May 15

CCSF collabrations are fun.

The Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam was great last night (Thursday May 14,2009). We did a new challenge where two artist teamed up to pencil each comic panel of a story on individual index cards. Each artist drew at least one specific character and worked together to tell a story when they interacted. So one artist might draw, lets say a character being hit, and then the other artist might draw the other character throwing the punch. In many ways the process resembles how animators will each do a different character in a movie.

After all the art is penciled, one artist will ink all the drawings in a story to keep the final look consistent. We did not reach that step as of yet.

The index cards allows for the teams to shuffle and rearrange the cards to edit the story adding, changing and combining them. It meant that the story could change very easily and quickly and allow for new possibilities. After the order is decided, the back of the cards in each story are numbered.

Many of us were enjoying the process enough that we stayed longer then we usually do at the Café. That is a good thing.

I will post some images of the final story I did with my partner when they are avalible.

Next time you are hanging out with your artist pals, give it a try. It should work on stickynotes and scraps of paper or cardboard as well.

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