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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Tag: warrior

Feb 11

NEW ART! – Warrior

A pencil sketch with some digital color.

Jun 03

Warrior gal sketch

A rough exercises on designing and rendering a drawing with out line work (if possible). Inspired by the work of the super talented Chris Samnee Rendered in black watercolor over blue pencils.

Feb 05

New Art! The Bird Lord watercolor

Click for a bigger image on Did you see the sketches for this art that I posted yesterday?

Feb 04

New Art! Bird Lord sketches

click for a bigger image on These are sketches I did yesterday. To see the final piece of art, come back to the blog HERE and check it out.

Sep 05

New Art – Look before you Leap!

Brush and Ink drawing with digital color on top. Click for a large picture

Sep 05

New Art: Warrior Women and Space Wolf

Here are two new Brush and Ink drawings… click for bigger images

Jan 25


Two gouache paintings. First off…from a book on Guatemalan masks (most of them). [singlepic=389,320,240,,] And a mystic warrior. [singlepic=390,320,240,,] (click for bigger images)

Jan 06

Spirit Warrior

[singlepic=372,320,240,,] Drawn during one of my classes. Mixed media with Pen, Pencil and Watercolor.