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Feb 11

NEW ART! – Warrior

A pencil sketch with some digital color.

Jun 03

Warrior gal sketch

A rough exercises on designing and rendering a drawing with out line work (if possible). Inspired by the work of the super talented Chris Samnee http://www.chrissamnee.com/. Rendered in black watercolor over blue pencils.

Feb 05

New Art! The Bird Lord watercolor

Click for a bigger image on Flickr.com Did you see the sketches for this art that I posted yesterday?

Feb 04

New Art! Bird Lord sketches

click for a bigger image on Flick.com These are sketches I did yesterday. To see the final piece of art, come back to the blog HERE and check it out.

Sep 05

New Art – Look before you Leap!

Brush and Ink drawing with digital color on top. Click for a large picture

Sep 05

New Art: Warrior Women and Space Wolf

Here are two new Brush and Ink drawings… click for bigger images

Jan 25


Two gouache paintings. First off…from a book on Guatemalan masks (most of them). [singlepic=389,320,240,,] And a mystic warrior. [singlepic=390,320,240,,] (click for bigger images)

Jan 06

Spirit Warrior

[singlepic=372,320,240,,] Drawn during one of my classes. Mixed media with Pen, Pencil and Watercolor.