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Tag: motion comic

May 18

Motion Comic Magic- ‘HellBoy: the Fury’ motion comic

I just saw this posted at and had to post it here at It’s a Motion Comic using art of Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo. War ensues between the forces of good and evil as Hellboy finally confronts the Queen of Blood one on one, setting the stage for a new chapter in …

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Jan 18

Motion Comic Magic – recent comic trailers

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation A few NEW trailers for publications, with the actual published art brought to life through digital animation. Some are more elaborately done and some are more simple. BONE: Quest for the Spark BOOK 2 Video Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 Movie Intro (fan made) – with art …

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Nov 02

Motion Comic Magic – Bringing unbuilt Disney theme park concept art to life in animated tributes

To me Motion Comics and Motion Illustration is about taking material that was not designed for animation and bringing it to life with modern multimedia technology. In my previous posts here for Motion Comic Magic I have looked at how illustrations and artwork can be animated for music videos, motion comics, trailers for books, and …

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Aug 11

Motion Comic Magic: Jascha Hoffman – “Some Hungry Guy”

I just saw this great music video by Jascha Hoffman for the song “Some Hungry Guy” in which artwork from Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay. The strips are from the turn of the century and are in the public domain. The animation is by Benjamin Ahr Harrison. It’s nice to see someone re-purposing …

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Jul 17

Kung Fu, Space, and Books=animated book trailers

Hey all, it’s time for some more trailers for books. Today we get one picture book and two comic books. What do you think, would you read them after seeing these trailers?   I posted a trailer a while back for Lane Smith’s book It’s a Book! which was really well done. Well there is …

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Nov 05

videos: Motion Illustration and Motion Comics samples pt 2

Well, here is my second post of sample Motion Comics and Motion Illustration videos I have found on-line. Motion Comics and Motion Illustration is the art of taking art from a book, comic or other source and animating it. It’s becoming more and more visible as entertainment and entertainment. It’s really an exciting way to …

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Jul 04

Cartoon Boot Camp(week 3): Animation to Motion Comics notes

updated 7-4-10 Well, my students this past week were really doing some amazing things, and they wanted me to let them know of the tools and software that was used in class and I want to share with all of you in webland what they achieved. First off we did some Pixalation and Stop Motion. …

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