Autumn color watercolor paintings

Here are some watercolor paintings I did while teaching of trees with autumn color.

I hope you are enjoying the season.

Autumn watercolor 01

Autumn watercolor 02

Autumn watercolor 03


#dailydrawing #lostRPG drawings 23 to 32 – Another Sketchbook Filled!

I know it’s been slow, but another little sketchbook is filled. The Lost RPG Sourcebook (#lostRPG) is filled up with all sorts of weird characters now, 32 of em. It’s been a bit slower the last month or two, but I am glad I filled up another book.

I hope to make a post next week (after APE) with some of my favorite characters.

Now, on with drawings 23 to 32!

Queen Cala Leap, the royal princess…
09-19-2014 Princess Cala Leap

Bart Batlos the vegetarian vampire…
09-20-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG 1 Bart Batlos

Sweet Raymond the Cookie Warrior…
09-20-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG 2 Sweet Raymond

A sailor lass. Done one sleepless night, unfinished. Sort of a female popeye-ish.
09-21-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG sailor lass

Flying Lion Lass. Based on a name that was randomly created at the Cartoon Art Museum.
09-22-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Flying Lion Lass

09-23-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Waunderuff

Tad the Terrible…
09-24-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Tad the Terrible

A crystal flower fairy…
09-25-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG crystal flower fairy

A member of the clown dog pack…
09-26-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Clown Dog Pack

and Moon Snow…
09-27-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Moon Snow


2014-10-04 to 10-05 #APE (Alternative Press Expo) at the Cartoon Art Museum table #327

If you are coming to the Alternative Press Expo 2014 (APE) on October 4th or October 5th, you can find me at the Cartoon Art Museum table #327. I will be helping talk about the museum, making some art and meeting and greeting folks who come by. There are shuttle busses to take you from CalTrain and BART and it’s only $15 for both days.

Find out more at

What: APE 2014 – Alternative Press Expo – Table #324
When: Oct. 4-5, 2014 – Saturday: 11:00–7:00 – Sunday: 11:00–6:00
Where: Fort Mason Center
Festival Pavilion
2 Marina Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94123

I will also be teaching a workshop on Saturday October 4th from 12 to 1 …

12-1pm Cartoon Calisthenics with Brian Kolm:  Artists of all levels are invited to start their day at APE off right with healthy and fun cartooning challenges and exercises with artist and teacher Brian Kolm ( No need to wear your sparkly sweatsuit (unless that’s your thing), just bring yourself and be ready to draw!


#dailydrawings #lostRPG drawings no 14 to 22

Ah, it’s good to be back posting new drawings here on the blog. The days are hot, but will soon transition into the cool, crisp days of autumn. Can’t wait!

First off is the Wash Witch, drawn while tabling at SF Zinefest.
08-30-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG wash witch

Next we have The Big Sneak, another drawing I did while at SF Zinefest…
08-31-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG the Big Sneak

This was drawn at the Oakland Drink and Draw group which I have been super enjoying. One of the groups founders, Justin was drawing a beautiful thistle, and so it inspired this character.
09-03-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG the Thisard

Next we have the Snake-Cat-Women. I have not come up with a name for her yet…
09-03-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG snake-cat-women

I took a recent trip to Yosemite and came up with this character while sitting around the campfire. The drawing is a bit rough since it was hard to see…
09-07-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG the Mountain Man

Next is Big Mike the giant Squirrel. Inspired partially from a fellow artists new iPad game
09-07-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Big Mike

Another drawing done while camping, inspired by the classic camp lantern…
09-07-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Lantern-X

My last character I came up with while camping. It’s a cross between a (Smoky) bear and a (Woodsy) owl. He protects the forest and also will kill you with his fire breath. Meet Woomsky!
09-08-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Woomsky, the environment owl-bear

Last, but not least is Flowraa, the flower warrior.
09-18-2014 #dailydrawing #lostRPG Flowraa


2014-10-04 APE: Cartoon Calisthenics with Brian Kolm – 12-1pm

The Alternative Press Expo (usually referred too as APE) is fast approaching, October 4th and 5th. That means Art. That means Comics. That means a new location. And of course that means that I am teaching a fun workshop from 12pm to 1pm on Saturday October 4th!

12-1pm Cartoon Calisthenics with Brian Kolm:  Artists of all levels are invited to start their day at APE off right with healthy and fun cartooning challenges and exercises with artist and teacher Brian Kolm ( No need to wear your sparkly sweatsuit (unless that’s your thing), just bring yourself and be ready to draw!

NOTE: You can find me off and on at the Cartoon Art Museum table #327 all weekend too!

What: APE 2014 – Alternative Press Expo
When: Oct. 4-5, 2014 – Saturday: 11:00–7:00 – Sunday: 11:00–6:00
Where: Fort Mason Center
Festival Pavilion
2 Marina Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94123

See more at:

The classes are going to be pretty great, so here is a list of all of them. They are subject to change of course.


12-1pm Cartoon Calisthenics with Brian Kolm:  Artists of all levels are invited to start their day at APE off right with healthy and fun cartooning challenges and exercises with artist and teacher Brian Kolm ( No need to wear your sparkly sweatsuit (unless that’s your thing), just bring yourself and be ready to draw!

1-2pm Inking for Reluctant Inkers with Mark Haven Britt: Inking is an intregal part of comics. For some it’s easy, for others it’s terrifying. If you’re looking to move past Microns and incorporate old school inking in your work, you should definitely attend. In this seminar basic techniques, such as using a nib, drawing a straight line with a brush, spattering and masking will be covered. Learn some basic exercises/games to improve dexterity will be preformed. Strategies to get over fears of “screwing up the drawing” and focus on the decisive fun of completing the drawing will be discussed. Inking can be incredibly fun.

2-3pm PoetryComics with Cara Goldstein: Great poems make great comics. In this class, we will explore the balance of words and images, while looking at poetic cartoonists such as Gabrielle Bell, Hope Larson, Nate Powell, Lilli Carre’ and Craig Thompson. We will also read pieces in Dave Morice’s book PoetryComics, which covers poems by Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, and William Shakespeare. All levels of drawing and writing welcome.

3-4pm Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics with Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide, Otaku USA). Draw the world’s greatest comics…in just five minutes! Mangaka is a fast-paced new Kickstarter card game for artists and storytellers where every round involves drawing cards and drawing comics. Fulfill your Obsessions, follow Trends, avoid Impairments, and compete with your fellow players to tell the greatest comic stories imaginable, even if you can’t even draw a stick figure! For fans of manga, graphic novels, webcomics and anyone with a sense of humor. Pens, paper and cards provided.

4-5pm Getting into Character with Andy Ristaino: How do you take a basic concept and turn it into an unforgettable character? Emmy Award winning designer Andy Ristaino (Night of the Living Vidiots, Adventure Time) has created hundreds of characters for comics and animation, and he’ll guide you through his process as workshop participants develop new characters in this action-packed adventure hour.

5-6pm Hip-Hop Heroes with Age Scott: For 20 years, Age Scott (Won and Phil) has been pushing boundaries and taking risks with his comics, exploring music, pop culture, and other non-traditional subject matter. In this workshop, Age will discuss his experiences as a creator and the importance of working outside the mainstream.


11am-12pm: Covering All the Angles with Gene Hamm: Animator Gene Hamm (The Smurfs, Gumby, Hell Toupee) will discuss character design and teach you how to visualize your creations from multiple angles.

12-1pm Women Write Epic Characters! with Betsy Streeter and Bridgett Spicer Fictional characters sometimes seem to defy the laws of time with their endless adventures. When or how does a character age? How do their personalities and relationships develop? Two women creators who cover a lot of ground from novels to comic strips to serial stories will share their thoughts and experiences, and ask you about yours! The instructors for this workshop are Betsy Streeter, science fiction novelist and creator of Neptune Road, and Bridgett Spicer, creator of Squid Row.

1-2pm Tablet Talk with Caryn Louise Leschen: Professor Caryn Louise Leschen (University of San Francisco) covers the basics of making comics on your iPad and other handheld devices.

2-3pm Danièle Archambault presents E-book Publishing 101: Linguist and cartoonist Danièle Archambault (Stairway Stories, Québec-California, Life On Their Own) shares with you her experience of self-publishing a multi-touch E-book.  Get tips on conversion tools, file formatting, publishing options, pricing and navigating the process without losing your mind or spending a lot of money.  Please visit for more of her comics and art.

3-4pm The Latino Comics Expo Hour with Ricardo Padilla: Join Latino Comics Expo co-founder Ricardo Padilla as he discusses diversity in comics, conventions, publishing and promotions.

4-5pm Graphic Humor 101 with Jonathan Lemon: Join award-winning cartoonist Jonathan Lemon (Rabbits Against Magic) for a crash course in graphic humor and the fundamentals of comedy in this laugh-packed workshop.


Animated stage background

This June and July I had a full load of teaching at libraries in places as close as San Francisco and as far away as Santa Rosa. AND in August I was focused on working on graphics for the Performing Arts Night for the youth center I teach at. I teach a digital class and so I was responsible for filling the screen behind the performers with imagery.

One of the most elaborate videos I did was the one posted below. The performer asked for “after the rain” and so my first thought was a view looking from a urban/concrete building at the rain drenched plaza.

The first video has a lot of elements in place with the 3D elements done in Blender3D (the building, ground, railing) with the 2D elements were added in After Effects (rain, splashes, mist, and the buildings).

B05 After the Rain from Brian Kolm on Vimeo.

And here is the final version…

B05 Rain (background video) from Brian Kolm on Vimeo.

I was really pleased at the final result.


#dailydrawing #RPG Drawings 6 to 13

Hey, I am back after a very busy Summer of art making and teaching!

Here are some of my latest Daily Drawings with my theme of “The Lost RPG Souce Book”! Back in the days of Dungeons and Dragons (and still today, too) there were numerous books that were published for a Role Playing Game that would give more information on Creatures, Spells, and other elements that can enhance ones game. That is where the name for these fantasy characters came from.

Now, on with the art.

First off is a missing drawing (No. 3) from the last batch (LINK). Seems I forgot to take a picture of one of the characters. This is a Furomobie (Furry+Zombie). It’s basically a well-meaning zombie in a big furry animal costume. This is one of the few drawings so far with note on it.

07-11-2014 Furombie

Here we have Captain Pepalt, the captain of the town guards.

07-20-2014 Captain Pepalt

Next up is the King Slug Mage. The most handsome slug in town!

07-26-2014 King Slug Mage

Here we have the champion of good health and safety, Safe-T Women.

-08-16-2014 Safe-T Lady

This fella is Bob Wizz-Bang, the town fool…who carries a weapon. I guess in reality he would be pretty scary.

08-24-2014 1 Bob Wizz-Bang

This fast food inspired lady is Madame Jackie Donna.

08-24-2014 2 Madame Jackie Donna

Next is the a magical construct, King Flame Head. A magical construct is sort of a fantasy version of a robot.

08-26-2014 King Flame Head

And last, but not least is the warrior Wind Flower.

08-27-2014 Wind Flower

Fun Fact: Many of the drawings are inspired by object that were around me while drawing. Can you tell if and what they were.


2014-08-30 SF Zinefest 2014 – Table #74 – FREE ADMISSION

San Francisco Zine Fest
Hey all, sorry to be late to post this, but I will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Zinefest this holiday weekend, August 30 and 31. I will be sharing table #74 with the uber awesome Mark Simmons. Come on down and pick up comics, sketchbooks, prints and original art.

It’s a fun convention with a heavy DIY vibe, and it’s FREE admission.

When: August 30 – 11am to 5pm
August 31st – 11am to 4pm
Where: San Francisco County Fair Building
1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way
(in Golden Gate Park)
Price: FREE

San Francisco Zine Fest

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