2014-04-26 Come get a #free drawing at the Spiderman Sketch-A-Thon Saturday April 26, 2013 at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco

I will be drawing at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco as part of a movie promotion for the new Spiderman movie. Free admission and FREE drawings for everyone! The event runs all day, but I will be drawing from 1pm to 5pm.

Where: Cartoon Art Museum 655 Mission St. San Francisco CA
Cost: FREE (in the museum’s lobby), but donations are accepted.
When: Sat April 26, 11am to 5pm


#dailydrawing #people no 12 to 16

Here is another new batch of drawings I have done in the last few weeks.

This masked lass started as a photo I took at the Dickens Christmas Fair a couple of years ago. She was beautiful and had a very classic appearance. The men staring at her in the background started with a photo I took on a trip to Montreal and the rest are made-up.
04-10-2014 #dailydrawing #people masked maiden

The photo reference for the next drawing was from an older gent dressed as President Abraham Lincoln at the San Diego Comic-Con years back (note: the note on the photo is the wrong date), but then went and gave him a costume that is more Evel Knievel crossed with a superhero.
04-17-2014 #dailydrawing #people spit-fire Abe

The next drawing was done the day after the Cartoon Art Museum 3rd Thursday event that featured the work of artist Steve Purcell (creator of Sam and Max). This character is inspired by 3 exhibits at the museum (Mike Zech’s punisher, Max the rabbit from Sam and Max, and Vertigo Comics’ Sandman)
04-18-2014 #people #dailydrawing bunisher

This him gent has the face based on a statue in Golden Gate Park from a European author (who I have no record of the name), the MP3 player and hoodie are all made up.
04-21-2014 #dailydrawing #people Mr. S

The reference for this drawing was a store window model at the Dickens Christmas Fair.
04-23-2014 #dailydrawing #people tea lady


#dailydrawing #people 8 to 11

Once again these are being posted here a bit later due to wanting to have more then one drawing to share. I plan on getting back on schedule in the next few weeks.

This first drawing was based on a Cosplay photo I took at BigWow 2013. I mostly just used the pose of a fan dressed as Storm from the X-Men, but to create my own superhero…
03-30-2014 #dailydrawing #people Moon Lady

A air-ship drawing was based on a photo of an artist friend taken during a Steam Punk themed event…
03-31-2014 #dailydrawing #people Captain "J"

This space warrior I drew the day after I saw the movie Jodorowsky’ Dune. The movie was inspiring and intriguing as it documented the attempt to make a film version of the Science Fiction novel Dune. The film never got made, but it still highly influenced film making from the folks who worked on it (artists like Moebius and H.R Giger). Highly recommended!

I started with a photo of a statue I took in Montreal in the oldest part of town, but the costume and props were more inspired by 1970′s science fiction and the work of French artist Moebius….
04-06-2014 #people #dailydrawing space warrior

This cowboy drawing was from a photo of a friend taken just a few days ago while drawing at the zoo…
04-09-2014 #people #dailydrawing gunslinger rick


2014-06-09 Cartooning Hidden Worlds (Grades 4 and up) • 9:00 am – 12:30 pm – June 9 to 13

Schulz Museum logo - Santa Rosa CA

Cartooning Hidden Worlds (Grades 4 and up)
Venue : Schulz Museum 2301 Hardies Lane – Santa Rosa, Ca, , 95403
When: 6/9/2014 to 6/13/2014 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Prices: members $132.00 – Non-member $165.00
Contact: For questions or to register by phone, please call (707) 284-1263.

Discover hidden worlds inside your imagination where your pet cat is a super spy and a new tree is a portal to another dimension! Learn to develop stories and draw in fantastic new ways with professional cartoonist Brian Kolm.


#dailiydrawing #animals (30 to 32) and #people (1 to 7)

Well, I am a bit late again with my goal of posting my daily drawings on Monday, but here they are. This post has the end of the animals sketchbook and the start of the peoples one.

Here are the animals, all from photos I have taken…

The spring weather was so nice that I went down to a favorite lake and took some new photos (my other animal reference was from 2013 and earlier)
03-17-2014 #dailydrawing #animals duck

03-18-2014 #dailydrawing #animals goose

This bee was in my yard and I could not resist taking a photo and drawing them…
03-19-2014 #dailydrawing #animals #insect bee

And the people, all from my own photos…

From a photo taken at the Edward Gorey Birthday Party at the Cartoon Art Museum.
03-20-2014 #dailydrawing #people coat of fortunes

From a past Halloween costume!
03-21-2014 #dailydrawing #people Egber the Cowlick Jester

From a cosplayer at Baycon, years ago.
03-22-2014 #dailydrawing #people Steampunk Gal

A composite character made of photos taken at the San Jose Toy and Comic show recently…
03-23-2014 #dailydrawing #people toy-collector

She’ll put a spell on you! Loosely based on a photo of a friend.
03-24-2014 #dailydrawing #people witch

This lovely lady was based on a photo taken at the Hubba-Hubba review on New Years eve. (a great show)
03-25-2014 #dailydrawing #people tattooed lady

This is based on a display at the small exhibit at Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco.
03-26-2014 #dailydrawing #people Sea King


Be Lucky! Happy St Patrick’s Day

Be Lucky - Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014
Happy St Patrick Day 2014!


#dailydrawing #animals 27 to 29

This monday update is pretty small, with only 3 drawings. Some weeks other activity take precedence over my morning drawing. I have about 3 pages left in this sketchbook and then I will have to start a new theme. Follow me here on the blog, or on social media (see links to the upper right column –> ) to see what path I take.

A beastie. A type of buffalo I think…
03-13-2014 #dailydrawing #animal beasty

Based on bat statue at the Oakland Zoo…
03-14-2014 #dailydrawing #animal bat

03-16-2014 #dailydrawing #animal humming-bird


VIDEO: Sebastopol Library Cartooning Teaching Time-Lapse

Yesterday I got to teach a wonderful class at the Sebastopol Public Library. Here is my entire workshop, speed up to under 2 minutes.

Sebastopol Library Cartooning Teaching Time-Lapse with Brian Kolm from Brian Kolm on Vimeo.

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