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Mar 17

Motion Comics and Marketing

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

With the dominance of the internet as our center of information, I have noticed more and more viral videos being made to enhance other entertainment such as plays, movies and video games. The short videos can give the audience more information and get them excited about the story yet to come. A few of them are Motion Comics or use the same animation techniques to create simple animation and story telling.

First of an animated promo for the opera The Tsar’s Bride at the Royal Opera House in London. The Royal Opera House has been doing quite a few impressive viral videos for their productions, including short animations and teasers. They really seem to be trying to take traditional music and dance in new ways. Great music of course.

Next up is a short back story to the movie Suckerpunch, which comes out soon. “The Trenches” by Ben Hibon helps us learn more about what happened before the movie takes place. (via Cartoon Brew) The style is very Motion Comic-ish, but created directly for video.

The new DC Superhero multi-player on-line game has posted multiple videos that give introductions to different characters and storylines. The art is comic book looking, but I don’t know if it was ever a comic book before the video. The do call it a “Cinematic Motion Comic”. This one is “New Heroes and Villains”

Here is one of my favorite on-line commercials with the clean line art of Mike Allred (creator of the comic Madman). Here WonderWoman sells makeup in a dramatic way.

Here is a video for MacmillanChildrens books “Peaceful Pieces”. What’s I like about this trailer is that it animates the book illustrations which are photos of quilts and gives snippets of poems from the book. Poetry is hard to sell, but maybe videos like this one is one way to take it to a new level and get new audiences.

And last are viral videos for the Starz series Dexter. In these animations we learn how the main character serial killer became who he is. I am not going to post the videos here do to my audience here on the blog. But you can see them here

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