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Mar 02

CAM-JAM Tarot Art jam (October 2010)

Last year on October 24, 2010 I helped organize a Halloween Comic/Art Jam at the Cartoon Art Museum 11-4. We like to call them CAM-JAM’s and they have been going on since 2009. We had called it the Ghoultide Gathering, but we were told at the last minuet that someone else clams the trade mark on that name. It was really fun.

Artist who participated were asked to draw on of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot fortune telling card deck. It was a really fun challenge and everyone did a great job. Sadly life got in the way of preparing the work to be presented. But now the world can see the final results…

CAM-JAM tarot Poster

Click above for a bigger image at

Here are the artist and their websites (when available)…

Fool – Caryl Foote

Magician – David Mann

High Priestess – Brian Kolm –

Empress- George Webber –

Emperor – Tommy Ong –

Hierophant – STORM –

Lovers – Karen Luk –

Chariot – Amy Horton

Strength – Nick Paz –

Hermit – M. Schorr

Wheel of Fortune – Brian Kolm – see above

Justice – Caryl Foote

Hanged Man – Audrey Soffa –

Death – Reed Wu

Temperance – Rick Lucey –

Devil – Heather Plunkett

Tower – Rachel Kate Wall-Polin

Star – Audrey Soffa – see above

Moon – Destiny Stone –

Sun – Brian Kolm – see above

Judgement – Rick Lucey – see above

World – STORM – see above

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