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Feb 27

Moving art by Jamie Caliri (United Airline “Dragon”, “United States of Tara”)

Animation director Jamie Caliri has produced some stunning animation using 2D art, in 3D. But not in CGI 3D, but in stop motion. And since I am always interested in re-purposing 2D art into animation I thought I would share some oh his work.

The first piece of animation I saw from Mr. Caliri was ‘Dragon’ one of the unique commercials produced for United Airlines. Here a fathers trip becomes a flight of fancy for his young son. It’s made of 2D art, used with stop-motion animation in 3D. Beautiful and magical animation.

Interestingly, the software used to film the commercial is also called Dragon.

Another commercial for United Airlines is ‘Heart’ with a simple love story.

Mr. Caliri also has posted on-line a proof of concept test ‘The Escapist v.s. The Iron Gauntlet’ for a filmed version of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. This film might not be using stop-motion, but is has some unique ways to add motion to the superhero comic being drawn by the character.

I hope you enjoyed these fantastic animation pieces. Feel free to also check out his title segment for United States of Tara Titles, the titles for the movie version of an A Series of Unfortunate Events and the short The Sun and the Seed.

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