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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Feb 17

Superman Classic – amazing animated Fan Film

(via Cartoon Brew) Cartoon Brew shared a video that has since been all over the place on Blogs and Facebook since it’s really really good. Below is a really well done one-minute of traditional drawn animation with a retro classic Superman by Robb Pratt that (I hope) should be a proof-of-concept for a bigger project someday.

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  1. […] (via Cartoon Brew) Check out this wonderfully animated trailer for an upcoming picture book by veteran animator Frans Vischer, Fuddles the Cat. While the animation is not like some book trailers since it does not use artwork directly from the book like some do, this one has animation by the author that tops any computer manipulation. It seems there have been quite a few gems of 2D animation in the last few weeks HERE and HERE. […]

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