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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Feb 07

New Art! The Future? watercolor

The Future?

This painting was created in one of the classes I teach. I gave the theme…The Future to try to stimulate some new ideas from the students. I was trying really hard to just go wild and create something with a lot of color and a lot of silliness to it.

I must admit this is sometimes hard for me since I had a lot of experiences in college where people tried to read meaning into the imagery when none was there or I had unknowingly drawn something that seem symbolic to the viewer. If it happens enough time you start worrying that folks will misinterpret something in your art, especially something as unnecessarily adult and then you start to censor your work more then you should.

The truth is that we all interpret art in different ways and see different things, but that does not make what you or I see some planned or subconscious hidden meaning. Interestingly though how we individually interpret art can reveal more about ourselves at times.

Enjoy the painting.

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