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Nov 05

videos: Motion Illustration and Motion Comics samples pt 2

Well, here is my second post of sample Motion Comics and Motion Illustration videos I have found on-line. Motion Comics and Motion Illustration is the art of taking art from a book, comic or other source and animating it. It’s becoming more and more visible as entertainment and entertainment. It’s really an exciting way to take one medium into another.

I would love to know on both this post and the one from Wen Nov 3 which videos you like. I have made a few animations with comic art and am curious what works for you.

Where the videos on part 1 was more about charm and whimsy, today’s videos are Action and Adventure!

Leviathan trailer (Simon & Schuster)

From a young adult novel. Very dynamic.

Batman – Black & White Motion Comics – 2 – Broken Nose by Paul Pope (DC Comics)

DC comics really has done some of the best motion comics. They work with the art and not try to take it too far (which some others have done in the past).

Spiderwomen motion-comic trailer (marvel)

Marvel’s trailer for the motion graphic created by artist Neil Adam’s studio. A lot of the effects you see in these started with animatics (animated storyboards) for Commercials and Movies which Mr. Adam’s company also does.

‘The Walking Dead’ motion comic

OK, this one is kind of more PG13-R, but with some really nice animation done on the comic art.

also, an animator who is a fan has made his own opening credits for the new Walking Dead TV show using comic art that fits in here. He even has a making of discription on-line! Really great stuff.

THE WALKING DEAD “Opening Titles” from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

Murena #8 from Dargaud. (france) Dramatic.

Barracuda from Dargaud. (france) Looks interesting!

Blacksad teaser Dargaud. (france)

A trailer for one of the best french comics out there. The art is so awesome.

Don’t forget to check out the video I did with comic creator Alexis E. Farjardo for a trailer for Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland.

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