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Nov 03

videos: Motion Illustration and Motion Comics pt 1

As some of you might know, I am very interested in not only animation and comics, but combining them together into Motion Illustration and Motion Comics. Motion Comics and Motion Illustration are where artwork used for different medium or format (usually an analog one) is adapted to tell a story with motion and sound. Some of these trailers and shorts use new material that was created specifically for the video that goes beyond just touching up some images in Photoshop, but they are included here as part of the same “family.”

Just a bit of disclosure is that I have made some videos like these myself. In fact I just posted some work two weeks ago that I did with comic creator Alexis E. Farjardo for a trailer for Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland.

This is part 1 or 2 with these videos having more charm, humor, fantasy and whimsy.

First up we have Chris Ware’s poem, Falling. This goes to show how it does not take a lot of bells and whistles to add life to a video version of a comic. One thing that seems to run through all of these is having the right music though.

Luis Grane’s contribution to the Totoro Forest Project (

Some nice simple animation that works with the music to really give you a little treat.

Tim Sievert’s ‘That Salty Air’ Trailer (Top Shelf)

Here the folks at Top Shelf have actually created new animation based on the comic for this moody piece.

Jeffrey Brown’s INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS (Top Shelf)

Lost Colony Trailer (FirstSecond books)

Diana Thung’s Captain Long Ears

Suzy Lee’s Wave (Chronicle books)

This is another nice simply done piece from a childrens book.

It’s A Book by Lane Smith (Macmillan)

This is just funny and charming and really well done.

Zits: Drive Her Crazy (Jantze Studio)

Not sure if Mike and his crew did new art or used art from the actual comic strip, but it’s really fun and well done. I am guessing we will see more of these coming in the near future.

Look for part 2 on Friday Nov 5 for a little Action and Adventure!

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