APE 2010 artwork

I just thought I would post this cool photo taken by Renee Balmert while I worked the Cartoon Art Museum booth at the Alternative Press Expo this year. The exhibitor fee was too high this year for me, but I used to have my own table a couple of years ago. The convention was about 50 more exhibitors more this year and it showed, but I wonder how well everyone did at selling their wares. There is so much competition for dollars and attention with so much amazing talent in the room. No matter what I always feel energized and pleased to discover lots of new artists.


I did get to draw two comissions for donations at the event, one of DC comics Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Marvel’s Jean Grey as the x-man’s Phoenix. The one of Phoenix I feel especially proud of.

ape2010 Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) commissioned drawing

ape2010 Phoenix commissioned drawing

I also did these two drawings that are still available for a donation…

ape10 commissioned drawing

ape2010 commissioned drawing

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