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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Jul 23

Chabot College Kids on Campus 2010

I just finished my second week of teaching at the summer program at Chabot College for kids. The kids were awesome and did some nice work that can be seen on my Flick page….HERE

To find out more about this fun summer program, visit:

Chabot College 2010 - Drawing Heroes and Villains

July 6-9 Cartooning: Heroes & Villains

From dashing comic book superheroes to beautiful Amazon queens with giant swords, to an evil half-man-half snake or a threatening villain who wants to destroy the world, what would stories be like without the good guys and the bad guys? Explore how to design your very own heroes and villain characters. You’ll learn how to draw the character’s features, design costumes and props, create a story behind your characters, and end by creating a presentation illustration to show your family and friends.

Chabot College 2010 - Drawing Critters and Beasties

July 19-23 Cartooning: Monsters & Critters

Whether it’s a graceful unicorn, a slithering dragon or a more modern beast, we have been telling stories of fanciful creatures of all sorts since the beginning of time. This class will feature lessons on drawing classic beasties, the structure and construction of four- legged animals, and designing original creatures as well as a technique for presenting a final drawing.

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