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Jun 19

Cartoon Boot Camp (week 1) Storyboard to Animatic

Well, week 1 of Cartoon Boot Camp at the Cartoon Art Museum is over and it was really fantastic. We had a class of seven young intermediate artist who I helped to create a storyboard which was then edited together on the computerĀ  with audio to create an animatic.

An animatic is a pre-visualization of what a finished movie would look like by cutting together the storyboard drawings in sync with some audio on video/film.

The class was split into two teams to create two versions of art to match the soundtrack. Each team was headed by one of my high-school interns Benjy (team B) and Rena (team A). To create the final product we listened to a 1 min clip that was purposely vague as to the setting or exact situation. I had prepped for the class by having some colleges record a simple script as well as going and breaking down the audio tracks to get an idea of how much time things took.

The voices for all the animatics are Adam Abrams and Christine Moody. Here is the sound track breakdown that I created in after effects along with my own version of a storyboard to match it.

CAM Cartoon Boot Camp (week 1, 2010) Storyboard to Animatic audio with sample animatic. from Brian Kolm on Vimeo.

Thanks to the help of Benjy, Rena, Graham, and Nomi Kane we were able to scan the storyboards which I then placed in after effects. Two movies (one for each team) were rendered and additional audio was added by way of Apple’s Garage Band.

The music was from Kevin MacLeod, who offers the use of it royalty-free though the Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a system for creative folks to set how they would like others to use their work. This means that there are folks out their who allow others to use their work for their own projects in different ways.

Here is what we ended up creating in the 10 hours of class we had this week…

Final Team A animatic

Final Team B animatic

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