Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)
Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Mar 14

Blender 3D and some After Effects too!

I have been learning to use the open-source free program Blender 3D and have found the experience to be pretty great. Such powerful piece software that won’t cost you a thing. Plus there are lots of tutorials and help on-line to get you out of a tight squeeze. I also broke down and upgraded my Adobe After Effects to CS4 so the experiments below do contain some elements that were composites on top of the Blender 3D renderings.

I have always loved to find ways to combine traditional art and new media and this is one way to do more of that. Expect to see some more interesting projects this year including a dark ride simulation and some motion comics. I could also see some of these techniques for documentary films and music videos.

Below are a few of my experiments I did in the program.

This clip uses the Blender to After Effects export plug-in which allows the camera data for a 3d scene to be used to add additional elements out side of the 3D program. The plug-in by Paolo Ciccone’s is here:

This clip uses 3D shapes mapped with watercolor paintings that I scanned in and elements added in After Effects CS4.

This is another attempt at mapping traditional art on 3d shapes. The art is by my friend Linda Carothers. (here is my previous test with the same artwork HERE)

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