Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)
Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Feb 07

the site is back!

Well, after a couple months of busyness, this blog and website are back. A while ago something/someone hacked my Database and messed up my website. With my projects, work and holidays not much happened after that. Finally I took the plunge and got my site back up and working, but with some missing posts from the three months it was down. I guess the site is back to being a work in progress.

It’s 2010 and now that glow from the New Year is starting to fade it’s time to get back to work. I have a couple things in the works, but I don’t want to talk about them until they are further along.

– I will be at Wondercon 2010 Easter weekend and am working on a few projects for that.

– What would you like art wise from me at Wondercon? Comment below.

– I have new artwork on display at (which is really my portfolio page above)

РI am organizing the next CAM-JAM at the Cartoon Art Museum on February 21, 2010.  Why not come by and draw.

– or/and you could come by the Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco comic jams that fall on the second and last Thursday of the month. Check out our NEW BLOG.

– New random links to friends, family, artist and organizations appear on the left sidebar –> (reload the page to see a new one)

-I have some open spot for teaching at schools as well as Private Lessons if anyone is interested.

– Does anyone read my blog anyways, or should I be doing something else. How about some comments to make it worth my while?

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