Sep 05

Rooting Tooting Pinoccho – part 1

This is a comic I created last month at the Cartoon Art Museum during a comic jam (CAM JAM 2 on 8/16/09) and at the San Francisco Zine Fest (8-22/23-09).

The challenge: draw a mini comic that I could experiment and play around with without worrying about consistency and style.

When I polled my friends on Facebook and Twitter to find out what format they would prefer, most asked for the comic to be posted all at once. I wanted it to last a few days so my final decision was to break down the comics into a few big chunks. This is the first one.

Please comment and let me know what you think. I find it encouraging to get feedback and it makes me want to post more comics and art for you folks.

all work ©2009 Brian Kolm

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