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Sep 01

Geeky post of Fantastmic! animatronic dragon at Disneyland

I am going to let my Geek Flag Fly and post a video clip of the premiere of the new animatronic dragon in the Disneyland show Fantasmic!. Due to technical difficulties it did not premiere at the start of summer like they wanted (like when I was there).

In the show the evil fairy Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty turns into a dragon to fight Prince Philp, but here it’s Mickey Mouse as the brave little tailor. Originally the dragon was mostly just a big head on a stick, now it’s a fully realized creature with full body and even eyes that show some expression.

I have posted a clip of the full public performance tonight and a sample video Disney released this morning.

p.s. I hope to see it in person in the future.

Video by MintCrocodile

Disney’s press video

Previous show dragon

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