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Feb 24

Wondercon 2009 peeps and favorites…

Here is a shout out to some of my peeps and favorite exhibitors at Wondercon 2009. Please check them out. I hope I did not forget anyone.

Artist Alley:

Amy Martin Comics    AA083 (CCSF memeber)
Atomic Bear Press (ME)    AA047
Greg Beda    AA076 (Wot is life)
Belly Dance Comics    AA056 (from the Belly Dance and comics convention)
Bob the Angry Flower    AA028 (a classic)
Cool Jerk, Intl    AA077 (Yay)
Joshua Ellingson    AA042 (Talented graphic designer and illustrator)
Karen Luk Illustration    AA112 (Beautiful painted comics)
Keith Knight    AA027 (K Chronicles and The Knight Life)
Lark Pien-Littlebird Books    AA046 (Super talented creator of Long Tale Kitty)
Little Bat Manga    AA049
Lost Graphics/Katgirl Studio    AA041
Trina Robbins    AA002 (I know here from CAM events)
George Webber    AA084 (Naughty Adult Fun)

Small Press:

Ben Walker Art    SP18 (don’t know him personally, but his work rocks!)
Black Swan Press    SP01 (Richard Becker – Pirate artist)
Bobcat Publishing    SP31 (Llyn’s great fantasy paintings and books)
Mr Toast    SP43 (don’t know, but I am a big fan)
Museum Of Lost Wonder    SP40 (don’t know, but I am a big fan)
September 23rd Studios    SP04 (Alex and Marc and there comic “the Wicked”)
Silvertoons/Stephen Silver    SP20 (Amazing character designer)


Bean Leaf Press    D18 (Travis Hannson)
Bud Plant & Hutchinson Books    823 (woot)
Bud Plant Comic Art    819 841 (woot again)
Cartoon Art Museum    824 (the Best)
Charles M Schulz Museum    721 (the Best)
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund    725 (a good cause)
Comic Relief    807 (great store)
Dark Horse Comics    624 (nuff said)
DC Comics    607 (faster then a speeding bullet)
Exhibit A Press    726 (Supernatural Law)
Graphitti Designs    507 (T-Shirts!)
Hungry Tiger Press    814 (OZ comics and books)
Itoya Art Profolio    1448 (nuff said)
Last Gasp    625 627 (another find store)
Lee’s Comics    1007 (a SF comic store)
Red Window, Inc.    1320 (Scott Morse)
SF Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival    820 (a good cause)
SLG Publishing    707 (cool comics)
Stuart Ng Books    1021 (WOW, great stuff)
Super-Con    733 (a local convention)
Telltale Games    644 (New adventure games)
The Comic Outpost    1108 (a great SF store that hosted 24HCBD)

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