Jan 25

12×6 Comic Challenge -session 1 results

Well from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm today I did my first attempt at my 12×6 Comic Challenge. The idea is to do a 12 comic pages in 12 hours jam six times (giving a 72 page graphic novella). So today I tried to do 12 pages in 12 hours that will be part of a final 72 pages that will be done at the end of June.

The story starts with the diminutive circus strong man, Ollie being rescued by his sister, Tess who has been looking for him for many years. At the small train station they catch a train along with a short older women and well dress gentleman. Things start to get odd when the old women goes to the back of the train and rings a bell. This leads to the train stopping with a large man standing in the tracks….

I will post final art when it’s ready. Encouragement is always appreciated.

The result: I did not get as much done as I would have liked. When I did the 2008 24HCBD challenge I really did well I feel, but today the results were hardly finished. This might have been for a few reasons…

– I have been thinking up ideas for the comic all week, all the while trying not to plan in my head the comic too much. Trying to live up to what was in my head is possibly a problem.

– Take the time to design the characters in some detail before you draw the character. It was hard to jump into inking with confidence when your drawings of characters very in look and proportion.

– If you really want to get it done in time: less characters, simple setting. I had 6 characters.

– Try hard not to be a perfectionist.

– I added 4 additional pages to make the story work.

– Some materials were hard to find since I did not get organized ahead of time. In my case a small brush.

– I had a week of sickness, a friends memorial service, and a parent in the hospital.

What did work:

– If your stuck, work on something else. When I found that I was too worried about the inking to do a good job I switch to drawings the panel boarders.

– Rough out at least the start and end of the story and work on those first, then fill in the gaps. This worked well, though I did add some pages (16 in all).

– Avoiding realism.

– Have templates made ahead of time.

– Remember that it’s only the first part of a bigger project and there’s time to learn and to catch up.

Final result: Basic character designs. Chapter 1 (16 pages) fully plotted, penciled, panel boarders drawn, and inking started. I plan to work on it more in the coming weeks.


    • Karen on January 26, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    Sounds like you’re heading in the right direction! I haven’t been able to complete a 24HC book yet. This sounds like a more manageable idea to get stuff done and going.

    • Brian on January 26, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Ya, but the work seemed to flow more with the 24HCBD challenge then with the 12 hour one. On the other hand considering it’s good if you can just get one or two pages of a comic done in a day, I am doing pretty well.

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