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Feb 26

Artist Ben Walker

I did not buy much at Wondercon 2008. When you have your own table you are more focused on making money more then spending it. But one of my new favorite artist is Ben Walker.

I first saw Ben’s work at APE a couple of years ago on a postcard on the freebie table. Ben’s work is a whimsical take on the old west including a 3 legged sheriff and bears bearing arms, all presented in beautiful paintings done in acrylics. What’s not to like with bears in the art.

I purchased his book, Portraits & Tales from Remington Ridge as well as an awesome print of Does a Bear Shoot in the Woods?. The book is really lovely and I was impressed how slick the quality was. The only issue is that the cover is so glossy that fingerprints show up easily.

The table at Wondercon 2008 set up was excellent with nice themed touches including a cutout of a bear, worn wooden boxes, labels on playing cards, etc.

Ben Walker at Wondercon 08

Ben Walker at Wondercon 08

Mr. Walker also runs a alternative drawing studio called Pompsicle. They meet once a week in Sacromento CA and draw models wearing costumes. Sounds like a lot of fun. I might just have to drive up and give it a try.

I look forward to seeing what Ben comes up with in the future. I painted graphic novel or comic would be awesome.

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